Winning Campaign Pitch


Project Brief: Develop a CSR campaign pitch for a client. Pitch it to all agency executives – including the company president.

Client Problem: Verizon had a poor brand image. Specifically among millennials. Even neutral social medias posts like “Happy New Years!” received 75% negative comments on average.

Our Strategy: Gain customer LTV and brand equity for Verizon by leading the conversation about a very relatable but unspoken issue. An issue that would seemingly harm Verizon’s bottom line to bring to light.

We wanted them to ask millennials to be more aware of their blatant phone usage during social situations. We backed our strategy with research that showed that 70% of them agree, most of the time not publicly, that this was an issue.

Result: Our campaign was chosen to be the winner by a team of judges (agency executives). On top of that, Verizon used the same bold strategy just a few months later in their Thanksgiving spot.

Verizon’s Thanksgiving Spot

Fun Fact: As the idea man behind our main strategy, I was chosen to present the pitch deck as well as help field any questions from the judges.

The Winners Pic (Or It Didn’t Happen)