$70M Tech-Giant Consortium


This campaign was never supposed to happen. The CMO’s at the top 5 PC companies in the world were never supposed to successfully land on a decision, they were never supposed to pick our campaign over their own agencies, and they were definitely never going to actually put down the money to run it. But they did… and here it is.

Problem:¬†Research showed that people were not upgrading their PC’s very often (once every 4-5 yrs) because their phones ‘did enough’ for them already.

Our Strategy: Drive purchase intent by showing people that PC’s are better than they have ever been. Combine forces with the 5 biggest PC brands to grab people’s attention in a big way.

Result: 593 Million US Media Press Impressions, 8.8 Billion PRC Media Press Impressions and a significant lift in purchase intent. (US Campaign Metrics)


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