Holiday Animation Spot


I was tasked with creating a B&H branding campaign for the holidays for the physical store.

My Strategy: Make the store come ALIVE while simultaneously aligning the brand with the overall theme of artistic creation. The plan was to develop a creative asset that would be malleable enough to use in different placements effectively.

Campaign Structure: Target and test different NY based demographics with specific video versions closely related with their interests. (Eg. Open with VR scene for people who have shown an interest in Oculus, HTC Vive, etc.) 

Results: The videos garnered 15 million 3 second video views across Facebook and YouTube. Avg CPV = $.02, and a 24% Lift in holiday store traffic YoY.

Fun Facts: I cast myself (car racer) and three of my good friends in the video. All filming, scripting and production was done by three people in two days.

The Most Successful YouTube Version