About Me

As a Certified Digital Media Strategist, I help brands build meaning and emotion at the top of the funnel alongside utility and value at the bottom. My experience working in both digitally strategic and technical roles has lead me to thrive at the intersection of creative planning and platform execution.

I’ve gained expertise in strategizing and building out full-scale direct response and brand awareness campaigns across a wide variety of paid media channels. I consistently work alongside creative teams to inspire content ideas based on the capabilities and functionality of the platforms. All while maintaining a full-funnel activation approach utilizing multivariate testing and data-driven optimizations. Over the past four years, I have benefited from an incredible cast of mentors who have helped me to succeed in: Building a successful recruiting start-up, developing a 360° Super Bowl campaign, leading digital advertising efforts for a large e-commerce company, and eventually managing a team of paid analysts for two of the largest media companies in the world.


Top Skills

FB Ad Campaigns

Passed the FB Blueprint exams to earn the Certified Buying Professional Badge. I’ve taken full ownership of Facebook ad planning and buying for monthly budgets totaling $1.5M+. Responsiblities include: Ideation and design strategy, technical build-out and structuring, data-storytelling presentations, on-going optimizations, and in-depth reporting.

Client Relations

Spearheaded co-branding partnerships for 14+ Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft, HP, Sony, Canon, Google, etc.) Increased YoY client ad spend 35% by pitching new campaign ideas to partners and consistently outperforming set KPIs.

Brand Strategy

Presented ideas to upper management that helped usher in a new age of creative prospecting campaigns for B&H Photo & Aflac. I have been able to utilize advanced platform knowledge to inform and inspire creative brand strategy decisions. This has allowed the brands I work with to reverse engineer ideas based on tangible platform capabilities.

Team Leadership

Managed multiple teams of paid media analysts at large marketing agencies such as Omnicom (TBWA/Nissan United) and Publicis (Duracell & Aflac). Some of my favorite responsibilities included leading strategy brainstorm sessions and platform training workshops. I was also privileged to lead a team of advertising rock-stars on an award-winning campaign pitch for Verizon.

Who I’ve Worked With

Work Process







Fun Facts

17 Countries Visited

Over 2 Billion Impressions Delivered

4,106 Subway Rides Taken

2 Collegiate Sports Played